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In a #Accessible World a #BlindManCan do anything that a sighted person is able to.

About BlindScooterGuy

Christopher, aka the Blind Scooter Guy, writes stories for readers who have an interest or passion for travel and adventure. This crazy wordsmith thrives on sharing with his readers how he can and does experience the world through all his available senses.

Allow the Blind Scooter Guy to engage your mind as he shares the tales of his exciting and interesting expeditions. Whether you are a traveller, biker or scooterist planning your first or future trips, or an enthusiastic armchair explorer looking to immerse yourself in adventure, the Blind Scooter Guy’s writings are for you! He inspires adventure seekers to get themselves out there, to go and explore, to enjoy every sensory opportunity and to live their lives to the fullest.

One of these epic adventures was a 32000km, 8-month trip that took him through 21 countries all the way from Cape Town, South Africa to Dublin, Ireland. This grand journey was achieved on a little 150cc LML Vespa scooter, with no support vehicle. The expedition was a publicity stunt to raise awareness for a local children's hospital. Unfortunately, an illness contracted during the ride through Africa ultimately led to him losing his sight.

His work draws from a lifetime of experiences both pre and post-sight loss. His poignant and persuasive stories are most often told with a wry sense of humour. The Blind Scooter Guy is a writer, blogger and an amazing storyteller. He is also an Accessibility Buddy, Adventurer, Vintage Scooter Enthusiast, Chef, Scuba Diver, Fisherman, Guitar Player, Boxer, Petrolhead and Roamer of the Globe and all this despite his lack of sight. When asked how he accomplishes so much, he quips, "You can eat an elephant if you just take one bite at a time!"

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