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Christopher Venter the BlindScooterGuy enters for the Holman Prize.

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My Multi-faceted Mediterranean Mobility Meander

My latest project is named, “My multifaceted Mediterranean Mobility Meander”. It is an expedition exploring all and any forms of transport and mobility across France and Italy including Palermo and Sicily. I will travel by road and rail, ocean and air as well as interesting and unusual forms of transport and at times following in James Holman’s aka ‘the blind travellers’ footsteps. The modes of transport envisioned are planes, trains, boats, ships and ferries; cars, buses and camper vans; donkey and horse carts; walking, running and swimming; motorcyles, scooters and side cars; various vintage vehicles; and perhaps even something as crazy as a microlight or hot air balloon flight. The more interesting and varied, the better.

I plan to share the story of how a sightless traveller experiences both regular and unique forms of mobility and travels through his remaining 4 senses. The trip will include visits to various visually impaired people and sight loss support groups and schools as well as Toastmasters International clubs where I will speak and share the mantra that I live by “In an accessible world a #BlindManCan do anything that a sighted person is able to." On completion of the trip, the book detailing the story of the journey will be written, edited, published and distributed.

The Holman Prize for Blind Ambition

Watch this space! Christopher Venter is a semi-finalist for the #HolmanPrize. Winners will be announced in July 2017.

“The San Francisco Lighthouse for the Blind in awarding the Holman Prize for blind ambition recognizes those individuals taking action to become who they want to be: intrepid travellers; creative problem solvers; effective communicators; natural ambassadors; passionate advocates; joyful builders; active boundary-pushers; experience seekers”

The Prize is named for James Holman also known as ‘the blind traveller’, a 19th century adventurer who circumnavigated the globe despite being blind.

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